The window experiments page is all about some screenshots that clearly illustrate few ideas that can possibly help in simplification and clarification of both the usage as well as the meaning of the term ‘Windows’ (when it comes to the desktop environment). Please keep in mind that the screenshots displayed do not in any way intend to impose a particular visual style. Instead, they just provide an illustration of some window ideas, implying that it’s not all about shapes and colors alone! Let’s take you briefly through some of the ideas that are illustrated:
- It’s important to distinguish between the application titles and the document title, ensuring that the document title gets more prominence.
- The distinction between the window title bar and window background should be eliminated. The window background becomes click and draggable.
- The document icon is large, clickable and draggable; in a manner that it can be easily dragged to the desktop, to the trash or to any other location for saving etc.
- All the elements and controls stay on the window pane, constantly keeping the clickable and draggable area for moving purposes, and always leaving the clickable borders for the resizing of windows.
- The window resize gripper stays available at all times for providing a large and easily clickable window resizing area.

The examples shown provide two possible orientations or positions of the application menu bar (comprising of file, edit and other options). Firstly, the menu remains in its conventional position, towards the left hand side of the window pane. Another possible orientation depicts the menu getting pulled up under the window title, towards the right-hand side of the new large document or window icon. Every example screenshot is shown clearly with the possible menu locations.