Let’s go through the list of talented people (without naming them per se) behind the Tango Desktop Project.

Person A is from Holland. He dislikes the way all open source software have an inconsistent appearance and loves designing Tango icons.

Person B has contributed significantly to the GNOME project and now is one of the main contributors of the Tango style of artwork to both the Tango base theme and GNOME icon theme.

Person C is a Tango specialist in the Mac OS X.

Person D is one of the very active members of the open source community since the year 1997, is a Linux admin and an excellent web designer. His work profile spans several acclaimed projects including the GNOME project artwork, usability guidelines and GUI design.

Person D – He maintains the GNOME icon theme and is an active participant in the regular Freedesktop discussion surrounding the creation of common practices and standards for desktop.

Person E has a specific liking for FLOSS. He helps by creating Tango icons and by drawing layouts based on applications’ usability guidelines.

Person F is a creative director in a very prominent Canadian web development company. He was instrumental in creation of visual identity of Firefox/Thunderbird. This gentleman loves making free and open source software beautiful.

Person G is an avid GIMP user and is a tremendous supporter of open source applications. He’s been active in the free software community for more than a decade. His icons have helped making the GNOME desktop look as beautiful as it looks today

Person H has been a long time contributor of designs and artwork for many open source software applications for many years.

Person I is basically an enthusiastic user who contributes to several Tango projects depending on his skills and availability.