Quite the professionals as they were and still are, the developers of the Tango desktop project used to maintain a certain page titled ‘Tango Screenshots’ where they would post some screenshots, showing their progress in several free applications and desktop environments.

These screenshots would really help the creators of open source and free applications/themes to stay updated about the goings-on in the Tango desktop project and to figure out whether the icons would be useful to them or not. Furthermore, the screenshots would also provide the Tango project developers an opportunity to demonstrate the usability, graphics and capabilities of their creations. It is a well-known fact that well designed images and screenshots can go a long way in making a product appeal to its users. These screenshots served exactly the same purpose.

To tell you more about them, they were actually the ‘before and after’ images of Tango in different environments like:
- Tango on KDE
- Tango on GNOME
- Unofficial port of Tango on Windows XP and more..