Tango icon library features a basic icons’ set which is regularly used by the developers of open source applications. One can use a variety of aids to easily locate the appropriate icons for one’s needs. All the icons come with their own SVG versions comprising of useful meta-information such as keywords which make it easy for those icons to be found. Additionally, the naming specifications of these icons ensures that their names are all structured, which is also very useful.

What is even better is that the people who are behind the Tango desktop project hope to provide its users with an Internet search facility, making it even easier for them to find out the icons they need.

Although the basic icons set that we talked about above aims at fulfilling the core icon needs of developers, the people involved in Tango desktop project are consistently working on more icon sets which can be utilized in special applications. Let’s go over some of the icon sets as follows:

- Tango project resources for Java developers.
- GtkPod Tango theme: Toolbar icons meant for GtkPod.
- RRZE Icon Set: Meant for web apps, web presentations and more.
- Pidgin theme: Meant for Gaim or Pidgin.
- FileZilla Tango theme: Toolbar icons meant for FileZilla.
- Emotes Kopete: A smiley theme meant for Kopete.
- Art Libre Set: Meant for graphic applications.
- Opera Icon Theme: A tango-styled icons based Opera browser skin.
- gFTP Tango theme: A modified gFTP pixmaps pack.
- Emotes Psi: A smiley theme meant for Psi.
- Tangolerra Project: It aims at including some of the Tango creative ideas in Cinelerra Video Editor.
- Konversation: These are status icons meant for Konversation.
- Firefox default theme for Linux environment.
- Xchat Tango theme: Icons meant for Xchat.

Original themes
Mozilla Thunderbird theme: Using the Tango icons in Thunderbird theme.
Mozilla Firefox theme: Using the Tango icons in Firefox theme.
Mozilla Firefox theme no. 2: Using the Tango icons in Firefox theme. (bugged on Windows)