The Tango icon gallery consists of a basic set of icons that are most commonly used by the application developers. There are number of aids available in order to make it easy for the developers to find the appropriate icon for their needs. The icons have their corresponding SVG versions consisting of useful meta-information like keywords that facilitate easy searching. In addition, the naming specifications ensure that they have a structured naming scheme, which also helps immensely.

The creators of Tango desktop project also aim to provide the users with a web search facility, making it further easy for them to locate the icons of their choice.

If you’re an artist, you can contribute this tango icon gallery in the following different ways:
- To begin, you must ensure that you’ve properly read and understood the generic icon theme guidelines. An email can be sent to the tango-artists’ mailing list you’re your suggestions regarding improvement of the icon guidelines, in order to make them match up to the actual goals of the project.
- With respect to the file formats, vector icons must be in the SVG format and the bitmap icons must be in RGBA PNG format.
- Although it’s not mandatory, artists are encouraged to make use of free software for the production of their artwork. GIMP can be used for editing bitmap icons and Inkscape for vector editing.
- All independent software vendors must strictly comply with the generic icon theme guidelines.