Quite typical of the young at heart people, the creators of Tango Desktop project used to maintain an interesting status web page called Tango Fridays! It was a status page that all artists would use to keep track of and to update the status of their ongoing icon tasks. Let’s give you a glimpse into some of the entries contained in this status page! Owing to the scope and relevance of this article, we’ll not specify the aliases of the artists, and simply replace them with VCGSFD, NDFDG etc. and so on.

Friday, December 7th
Icon’s name : Its’ taker : Present status : Icons
FIC Neo 1973 : NDHKJD : Work in progress : Phone-fic-neo1973.png
Nokia 6310 : GJGJGD : Work in progress : 631032.png, 643526.png, 653425.png, 635342.png
FIC Neo 1973 (white) : VGDD : Work in progress : Phone-fic-neo1973-white.png
HP iPAQ : GJHGJ : Done : Pda-hp=ipaq-hx4700.png
Sony Ericsson J100i : GDGDH : Done : Phone-sony-ericsson-j100i.png
Samsung F700V : DSFSGD : Done : Phone-samsung-f700v.png
Nokia 3310 : JJFGFH : Work in progress : Phone-nokia-3310.png
And many more…..

To tell you about the organization of the Tango Desktop project’s creators, an instruction under one of the Friday entries stated that all of the listed icons came in two different sizes – 24 x 24 pixels and 16 x 16 pixels. Once an artist had claimed an icon, he/she needed to ensure that he/she would create both of them. Commitments were required to be made to both the source XCF / SVG icons as well as the PNG rendering. Artists were further encouraged to make use of the IRC in order to claim a block of icons (rather than picking them one by one) so that the chances of wiki editing clash could be kept to the minimum. Furthermore, they would assemble all the icons in a particular folder in order to keep the things streamlined.