Tango desktop project is a project that aims at delivering a consistent and uniform GUI (Graphical User Interface) experience for all kinds of open source and free applications, irrespective of the desktop environments they are run in.

How an application looks and feels like is dependent on several individual components, but a certain degree of organization is still required for unification of the structure and appearance of the individual icon sets that are made use of inside those components. Where Tango desktop project helps is that it defines a comprehensive icon style guideline which all the designers and artists adhere to. They are provided with an icon theme (sample implementation of a particular style) based on a standard icon naming specification. Additionally, the Tango Project makes available transitional utilities that can help in creation of icon themes for different desktop environments like GNOME, KDE and more.

All in all, what the Tango this product does is that it provides the software developers with the following:
- A comprehensive set of mime type, stock icons and applications designed and created with the help of a style guide.
- A subsystem that helps in standardization of the toolkits based on a common icon naming structure.
- A default native appearance.
- A cross-desktop and generic human Interface guideline.

The project involves engagement of various user interface designers, volunteers, artists and engineers who seek support of other people for the extension of the cause. The whole idea is production of a native, open structure and appearance by contributing to the already existing guidelines and artwork, and improving the applications. Furthermore, spreading awareness about these ideas.