What is Tango Desktop Project?
Tango desktop project is an initiative of a group of enthusiastic individuals who have set an icon style guideline for designers and artists. These designers and artists can use these guidelines to provide a consistent graphical user interface experience in all open source software, irrespective of the desktop environments these software are run in.

Why create altogether new icons?
Icons are of great significance as they define a sense of style. There was always a need of a good vector-based icon set which could bring about consistency in the Linux desktop user interface. Tango icons build upon different icon concepts used by Firefox, Gnome and KDE.

What are the terms of usage?
The color palette belongs to the public domain and the icon theme is also public in nature since the 0.8.90 release. Although the users are not obligated to, they can act as good Samaritans by crediting the developers for the usage of icon themes or any derivative artwork in projects! Doing so can help in spreading more awareness about the Tango desktop project.

Can one use his/her current icons, current theme etc. with Tango? If yes, how?
Yes, this is possible. All you need to do is port the icon themes. It implies:
- Giving the icons an appropriate name as per the standard icon naming specification of the Tango desktop project.
- Running the conversion utility.
- Repackaging and/or installing the theme.

Despite being installed, the configure script is unable to find imagemagick in Ubuntu. What to do?
Apart from imagemagick, you should also have libmagick9-dev installed for enabling the configure script to locate it.